How can I… redesign the office for hybrid work?
Hybrid work office design

Why is this important?

How councils use their office spaces and what they need from them is changing. Almost every council says it wants to work more collaboratively, have spaces for conversation, innovation and creativity, and potentially reduce its office footprint. But how can councils ensure they are making the right decisions to achieve this vision? 

It is vital to have the right strategic framework in place so they can test and implement workplace solutions that will cover all the bases for the future of work. The risk of failure is acute. If an organisation’s physical spaces are not suitable for hybrid work, it will harm its performance. Spending huge sums of money purchasing equipment that has never been properly tested or evaluated may be a waste. 

In this guide, LOTI explains how an organisation should think through and start testing and implementing solutions that can work for them in their own space.

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