Recommendations for Data Ethics Capabilities
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Create a data ethics process flow for data projects

Data project managers need to be aware of ethical risks throughout the lifecycle of a project, including the design, testing, implementation and evaluation stages, and make appropriate decisions to mitigate these risks. There should also be internal accountability at a managerial level to ensure that ethical checks are consistently being taken and evaluated. 

To map out these important processes, LOTI recommends creating a data ethics process flow for data projects. This can help an organisation to determine what checks are happening at each stage of a process and, in doing so, reveal some of the skills and competencies that an organisation may wish to develop (see Recommendation 13). 

Recommendation 7 in practice

LOTI produced a generic Data Ethics Board Process Flow for Brent Council, which can be seen below.

A lifecycle describing the different stages of a project when different types of ethics assessments might be required.
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