Recommendations for Data Ethics Capabilities

Overview of Recommendations

The 16 recommendations, grouped by themes are as follows:

Principles & Values

  • Adopt five universal principles
  • Incorporate data ethics into a formal policy or data strategy that informs decisions and holds teams to account

Resident Engagement

  • Share details of data use publicly and in appropriate language
  • Proactively inform residents when they are subject to complex data processes (e.g. automated decisions, AI-powered robots, surveillance technologies)
  • Engage residents around their values and expectations for new, advanced, untested or publicly divisive data uses before establishing guidance and policies
  • Develop the data (ethics) literacy of residents

Governance & Processes

  • Create a data ethics process flow for data projects
  • Test and implement the appropriate tools for doing data ethics
  • Share ethics assessments and evaluations of data projects to ensure consistent ethical decision making
  • Establish a data ethics board
  • Create simple appeal and recourse mechanisms for residents to challenge data-related decisions
  • Ensure suppliers meet data ethics principles and transparency standards

Skills & Culture

  • Invest in data ethics skills training for data professionals, service managers and leaders
  • Develop an ongoing organisational dialogue and culture around ethics
  • Include responsibility for data ethics in job descriptions
  • Hire a dedicated data ethicist
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