Recommendations for Data Ethics Capabilities
Principles & Values

Adopt five universal principles

Ethics in government should be guided by principles that reflect the values held by the society in which those decisions are made. 

LOTI therefore suggests adopting five universal principles to guide all decisions about data: Transparency, Accountability, Privacy, Fairness and Safety.

These principles were chosen because they are extremely relevant for local authorities and almost universally shared in other principles documents from around the world.

To learn more about each individual principle and the types of commitments they might involve, LOTI has produced more detailed guidance. Organisations can also find out about other principles they may want to consider in this guide.

Recommendation 1 in practice

Camden created a Data Charter with its residents, which incorporates the following principles, which map onto those suggested by LOTI:

1. Build trust through transparency
2. Provide accountability and oversight
3. Make sure data is secure, safe and ethical
4. Make sure data is used for public good and be mindful of residents’ data
5. Be beneficial for all by using an outcomes-based approach
6. Be clear about how we use residents’ data
7. Protect individuals’ rights and privacy

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