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Using Copilot in Local Government: Lessons from the LOTI AI Meetup

10 January 2024

LOTI brought together London borough colleagues from across digital, data, organisational development and more, to learn about how Microsoft Copilot is being, and can be, utilised by local government.

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10 Reflections from Smart City Expo 2023 in Barcelona

8 December 2023

Jay from the LOTI team shares his 10 reflections from attending the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona.

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Better Images of AI: An Important Discussion for Society

8 November 2023

Elo Esalomi, a Year 13 student from London, writes about her experiences of the Better Images of AI workshop run during London Data Week in Summer 2023.

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10 ideas for a roadmap of responsible AI in local government

6 September 2023

LOTI Researcher and Data Ethicist Sam Nutt considers what ideas and activities local government should focus on to become effective users of AI in the coming years?

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The State of Play of AI in Local Government

6 September 2023

LOTI Researcher and Data Ethicist Sam Nutt details the findings from LOTI’s research over the Summer of 2023 into the state of play of generative AI in local government.

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Responsible AI

6 September 2023

LOTI are developing a programme of work around Responsible AI to help our boroughs be more ambitious users of AI.

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Guidance on Generative AI

6 September 2023

LOTI have created four resources to initially guide local authorities to make sure they are able to confidently approach aspects of Generative AI.


LDW DataThinks: Where is the data from London’s participatory initiatives?

31 July 2023

ODI Researchers Joe Massey & Ben Snaith make the case collating and curating datasets generated by Londoners to better understand and improve London.

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LDW DataThinks: How to build a more participatory data future for London

17 July 2023

Natalia Domagala argues that London data innovation should build on the principles of transparency, participation, accountability and ethics.

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LDW DataThinks: Rethinking data: a future vision for how cities could use commercial data in the public interest

13 July 2023

Valentina Pavel, Legal Researcher at the Ada Lovelace Institute, and talks about their Rethinking Data project.

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LDW DataThinks: Equalities Duties for Data in the Public Sector

6 July 2023

How can Equalities Impact Assessments help guide the responsible use of data in the public sector?

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LDW DataThinks: Building Better AI in the Open

4 July 2023

In our first LDW DataThinks series, Jennifer Ding from Alan Turing Institute discusses building better AI in the open.

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