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Co-designing Inclusive Digital Zones in Barking & Dagenham

24 January 2024

Rahat Ismail from Barking and Dagenham shares her reflections on co-designing Inclusive Digital Zones in her borough.

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It’s time we had a local authority sandbox

13 January 2024

Eddie Copeland outlines why local government needs to try a different approach to testing radical new innovations.

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Using Copilot in Local Government: Lessons from the LOTI AI Meetup

10 January 2024

LOTI brought together London borough colleagues from across digital, data, organisational development and more, to learn about how Microsoft Copilot is being, and can be, utilised by local government.

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Reflecting on 2023: Highlights from the LOTI team

20 December 2023

As the end of 2023 approaches, each member of the LOTI team reflects on their highlights from the year.

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Five practical challenges to implementing new service models in local government

22 November 2023

Genta shares some early reflections on the practicalities and challenges encountered with our LOTI’s projects on New Service Models.

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Maintain, Fix, Equip, Create or Involve. What scale of solution do YOU need?

24 October 2023

Understanding five levels of change that can help councils design the right type of solution to the challenges they face.


In conversation with Haringey: Why LOTI?

20 October 2023

In this blog, Eddie Copeland, Director of LOTI speaks to Nathan Pierce, Assistant Director of Digital and Change at Haringey Council about becoming a member of LOTI and the plans ahead.

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Imagination is at the heart of change. How is Camden working to build imagination into everything they do?

20 September 2023

Imagination is not a word you usually associate with local government. But over the past 18 months, LOTI member Camden Council and Moral Imaginations have been working together to build the imagination capacity of the organisation.

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LDW DataThinks: Where is the data from London’s participatory initiatives?

31 July 2023

ODI Researchers Joe Massey & Ben Snaith make the case collating and curating datasets generated by Londoners to better understand and improve London.

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Reflections from London Data Week: Data Innovation in London

26 July 2023

Anna from LOTI shares her reflections and key takeaways from the London Data Week event: Data Innovation in London.

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It’s time to boost the “I” of LOTI

26 July 2023

Eddie Copeland outlines how LOTI is evolving to offer more innovation methods to complement and strengthen its work on tech and data.

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Want to innovate? Don’t (just) ask the managers

17 April 2023

Exploring the limitations of management-led innovation and making the case for Continuous Improvement

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