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Developing a data platform for frontline care workers

14 September 2023

Seeking to identify the most useful data sets so that people needing care can be supported in a timely and appropriate way. 

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Developing a professional linkage platform in Adult Social Care: Reflections at the halfway point

26 July 2023

Social Finance reflects on their project to develop a prototype professional linkage platform for adult social care.

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A new service model allowing care and support to exist in abundance

26 July 2023

Equal Care Co-op’s London Circle partnered with Hackney and Southwark Council in a successful bid to pilot the UK’s first Commons-based approach to care.

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It’s time to boost the “I” of LOTI

26 July 2023

Eddie Copeland outlines how LOTI is evolving to offer more innovation methods to complement and strengthen its work on tech and data.

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Piloting a home care cooperative in Clapton

18 May 2023

An integrated, localised, home-care service that puts community networks, trained care workers and care recipients at the heart of its delivery.

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Moving towards a new vision for social care in Redbridge

25 April 2023

To meet demand for Adult Social Care, we must understand who is coming through our ‘front door’. This project will explore user journeys into adult social care and gather data on user needs and journeys to enable well evidenced design decisions that focus on preventative care and effective and automated triaging.

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Announcing LOTI Adult Social Care Innovation Fund recipients

22 March 2023

We’re delighted to announce the two projects LOTI will fund as part of its Adult Social Care Innovation Fund.

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New Service Models in Adult Social Care Innovation Fund

9 March 2023

The New Service Models in Adult Social Care Innovation Fund will make £200K available to LOTI boroughs to design and test new and innovative approaches to addressing Adult Social Care needs.

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Supporting Dementia Care

12 July 2022

Equipping community support groups with the right skills and knowledge to provide digitally inclusive services to people affected by dementia.

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New Service Models in Adult Social Care

11 April 2022

Supporting London boroughs to think about radical new approaches to meeting social care needs.

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Preventing vulnerable residents from reaching crisis

13 July 2021

LOTI COVID Innovation Fund digital project to develop a preventative approach for supporting vulnerable residents.

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Assistive Technology pilots

12 July 2021

Helping boroughs make effective use of Assistive Technology (AT) to enable residents to live more independently.

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