Weeknote 7 of 2022

What we’ve been up to

Meeting with our Data Science and Data Leaders Networks

LOTI held the first-ever in-person meeting of the Data Leaders network since 2020 last week. We covered current and forthcoming data projects, building data capabilities across traditionally ‘non-data’ roles and data ethics. Aside from it being many of the group’s first opportunity to meet each other face-to-face, it also meant we could have lunch together and say a fond goodbye to Sudip who will be leaving Camden after 16 years for a new consultancy role.

The Data Science network was held virtually and featured an update from the Greater London Authority (GLA) on the new data science techniques being used behind the scenes to produce analysis and visualisations in the High Streets Data Partnerships Data Explorer.

Introducing a work experience student to LOTI

Last week we welcomed Laurie Joslin, a 16-year-old work experience student from Mossbourne Community Academy, to the team. Laurie impressed us with his rapid grasp of LOTI’s activities. During the week, he built up our library of job descriptions for digital, tech and data roles (more than 170 are now available). He conducted research on digital health hubs to support our work on digital inclusion. And he explored how LOTI’s research into data ethics might help inform London’s views on more controversial technology applications such as facial recognition software. We wish Laurie the best for a bright and promising career!

Visiting Camden Council’s hybrid workspaces

As part of our Future Workplace research, we are visiting LOTI member offices to see how they are redesigning their office space for hybrid work. Camden’s Smarter Working Change Lead, Oliver Birrell, was kind enough to show LOTI researcher Sam Nutt and work experience student Laurie, all of Camden’s shiny new initiatives, including their pilot floors and experimental technologies like Microsoft Surface Hubs!

Collaborating with UPFRONT

Last week was the start of our collaboration with Lauren Currie OBE’s highly regarded Upfront Confidence Course,  with 88 women from across the different London LOTI boroughs starting the course. This course is designed to help women feel more confident and assertive at work, become more professionally visible, and learn how to strengthen their voices. Those that attend this course will also take part in shaping our LOTI women’s network, to support those working in digital, data, technology, and innovation roles in London local government. To follow the progress of the course, follow hashtag #LOTIxUPFRONT on social media platforms.

Celebrating International Women’s Day  

As a chance for our LOTIxUPFRONT course attendees and other women in our LOTI community to meet face-to-face, LOTI has organised an in-person meet-up on 8th March, 5-7pm, to coincide with International Women’s Day. For more details, visit Eventbrite.

Coming up this week

This week among other things we’ll be:

  • Hosting our first LOTI Data Careers Day
  • Discussing hybrid technologies for inclusive workplaces
  • Launching our Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme Research Report on Digital Inclusion in London.

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Polly Kwok
1 March 2022 ·
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