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IT Systems Team Leader

11 June 2024 Comments Off on IT Systems Team Leader

Using sensors to address damp and mould in social housing

20 May 2024

As part of funding from the Mayor of London, 200 small sensors that record temperature and humidity are being distributed to 18 boroughs.

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Geographical Information System (GIS) Analyst

1 May 2024 Comments Off on Geographical Information System (GIS) Analyst

Pan London IoT Damp and Mould Project

29 April 2024

Delivering health and wellbeing outcomes for Londoners through better damp and mould data collected through sensors to inform services.

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EUC Senior Technical Specialist (SME)

24 April 2024 Comments Off on EUC Senior Technical Specialist (SME)

IT In-House Application Architect

28 March 2024 Comments Off on IT In-House Application Architect

Addressing London’s slow and no digital infrastructure gaps

25 March 2024

Local London and South London Partnership shares their plans to unlocking future-fit digital connectivity in London.

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Listening to resident perspectives on a proactive support offer in Barking and Dagenham

29 February 2024

Saumya Singhal, from Barking and Dagenham, discusses conducting qualitative research with residents to understand how they felt about the Council using data-driven approaches for prevention.

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Co-designing Inclusive Digital Zones in Barking & Dagenham

24 January 2024

Rahat Ismail from Barking and Dagenham shares her reflections on co-designing Inclusive Digital Zones in her borough.

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Showcasing London at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

22 November 2023

Highlights from LOTI’s first time at showcasing London at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona.

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Why’s it so difficult for councils to adopt the same technologies?

22 November 2023

Eight reasons why it’s challenging for London boroughs to harmonise the tech they use – what LOTI is doing about it.


IT Housing Team Leader

27 September 2023 Comments Off on IT Housing Team Leader ← Older posts
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