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In its first year of operation, one of LOTI’s three work areas focused on improving boroughs’ procurement practices. In November 2019, in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates, we launched the City Tools: London – a report and dashboard showcasing the technologies and accompanying contracts that enable local authorities in London to deliver their services.

Boroughs told us they’d like to see more of this data to enable them to share good practice about the technologies they use and to identify opportunities for working together on procurements. To address these specific needs we – together with the GLA and Nitrous London – built Thirty3 – a platform to host the CityTools data and also to share boroughs’ latest procurement opportunities in a way that is more accessible to SMEs.

Complementing this work, we have developed an Innovation in Procurement Toolkit with PUBLIC to help boroughs see how they can improve their own procurement processes to lead to better results. We have applied this guidance to help three boroughs improve their procurement of housing services management systems.



Innovation in Procurement Toolkit

Innovation in Procurement Tooklit by LOTI and PUBLIC - designed to help councils improve their procurement outcomes when purchasing technology products and services.

Tender Wording for Data Access and API Requirements

Wording for technology tenders to ensure boroughs can set clear expectations with suppliers about their data access and API requirements.

Housing Services IT procurement specification and templates

A collection of three reusable guides and templates to help councils wishing to procure Housing Management Services IT systems.

Project Timeline

Show and Tell – Housing System Procurement Resources

In this video, Cameron Scott from PUBLIC shares details of three reusable guides and templates to help councils wishing to procure Housing Management Services IT systems.


Showcasing innovative Housing Solutions

Following an open invitation for SMEs to showcase their software solutions relevant to local authorities’ housing services management needs. We received submissions from 16 suppliers, which you can access here.

Housing Services Innovator Showcase Submissions.docx

Website version LOTI - Housing Workshop #3


Housing Services Tender Workshop 3

In this workshop, boroughs explored the different procurement options that would help them realise more innovative procurement outcomes.


Housing Services Tender Workshop 2

In this workshop, boroughs explored common business objectives, needs, and outcomes for users of Housing Services.

Website version - LOTI - Housing Services system Workshop #2


WEBSITE version - LOTI - Housing Workshop #1

Housing Services Tender Workshop 1

Horizon scanning – in this workshop, boroughs were presented with details of legacy and innovative suppliers, informed by market analysis conducted by PUBLIC. The main discussion focused on the feasibility and desirability of suggested procurement approaches.


Innovation in Procurement Toolkit

Developed in collaboration with PUBLIC, this toolkit helps to make technology procurement in London boroughs more collaborative, innovative, and effective.


Summary of discussion on opportunities across:

  • Collaborative commissioning and joint procurement exercises
  • Sharing intelligence on market engagement
  • Aligning contracts and supplier relationship management practices
LOTI - Innovation in Procurement Workshop Summary (1)

LOTI Innovation in Procurement


Small and large suppliers were invited to share their views in this survey.


The PUBLIC team spent the first few weeks interviewing borough officers, to better understand the problems they face and opportunities for improving procurement. This is a summary of activities and key problem areas.


PUBLIC appointed

Project Kick-off

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