Innovating Responsibly with Data and Artificial Intelligence

Supporting boroughs to reliably make sound ethical decisions about using data in the right way to do the right thing.

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LOTI boroughs recognise that the data they collect and/or hold is one of their most valuable assets. Used intelligently, it can help them make better decisions, drive service improvements and better serve their residents. However, they are acutely aware of the need to use data not just legally but also ethically, transparently and in a way that is worthy of their residents’ trust.

The public sector is still developing the processes, tools and governance to do data ethics well and LOTI aims to accelerate this process through bringing together best practice from across the public sector and internationally and distilling key insights into actionable steps of London Boroughs.



Data Ethics Case Study Library

LOTI have collected a range of case studies from different government organizations, both local, national and international, detailing different approaches to data ethics.

How to Establish A Data Ethics Governance Board

A collection of resources that document the data ethics board and accompanying processes that Brent has established to govern data projects

Putting Data Ethics into Practice

LOTI has developed 15 recommendations for local government to develop their data ethics capabilities, building on a review of existing ethical principles from around the world. ‘Data ethics’ refers to how we collect, share and use data, and so goes …

Project Timeline

Data Ethics Recommendations and Principles

LOTI have made 15 recommendations for local government organisations to help guide the development of their data ethics capabilities. These recommendations are founded on LOTI research on value-based principles, and draw on the best-practice examples of principles from around the world in a complementary guide for local government organisations.



[Draft] Data Ethics Capability Framework for Local Authorities

This document details LOTI’s initial thinking about what different capabilities organisations are developing to make more ethical decisions about data and its use. It forms the basis of our thinking as we develop a more tangible model of recommendations and actions for local authorities who exploring how can they make more ethical decisions.


Data Ethics Case Study Library

LOTI have collected a range of case studies from different government organisations, both local, national and international, detailing different approaches to data ethics.


How to Establish A Data Ethics Governance Board

Through a series of interviews with Brent Council we have created a high level guide to setting up a Data Ethics Governance Board. The resources include a case study of the Brent approach, a reference process map and ethics board check list.

The library will be updated with new case studies as they are completed.


Deliberative Resident Engagement at Camden

LOTI supported Camden to complete their deliberative engagement with residents to understand their attitudes to data use by the council. The research has gone on to inform the Camden Data Charter.

Understanding Residents' Attitudes To Camden Council's Use Of Data Report Reply (1)


Data Ethics – Show and Tell

Brent and Camden share their emerging work on data ethics. Featuring Brent’ proposal for a Data Ethics Board and Camden’s Data Charter designed through an ongoing dialogue with residents. Slides available here.


Workshop 1

The objective of this workshop was to engage with LOTI boroughs and external partners in order to: a) review existing resources and assess whether they meet boroughs’ current and emerging needs, b) explore how these tools can be reliably embedded in organisations’ processes and ways of working c) agree potential pilots where boroughs can trial the use of existing resources and provide feedback on what works. See summary and slides.

Summary Notes_ Innovating responsibly with Data and AI
February 14, 2020

Project Kick-off

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