London Digital Exclusion Map

What is it?

A map that uses publicly available data sets to identify wards that may have relatively high levels of digital exclusion. The map shows community demographics and characteristics that have been identified through research as the key factors or proxy indicators to the propensity for digital exclusion. Combining data sets can enable users to get an understanding of the types of digital exclusion needs likely to occur in an area.

The map is starting point for those seeking to understand digital exclusion in their borough. It should be used alongside the London Digital Exclusion Persona pack and the toolkit which support the user to further.

Why did we create it?

The map was created as part of LOTI’s Mapping Digital Exclusion project. The work builds on initial mapping work and research carried out at Westminster and then tested and validated across four other inner and outer London boroughs.

Who should use it?

Digital inclusion leads, VCS organisations and anyone designing digital exclusion services or interventions in London can use the map to understand areas with relatively high risk of digital exclusion and in combination with the London Digital Exclusion Personas begin to understand the specific types of digital exclusion need personas to better tailor their service offer to the types of needs that their residents may experience.

The full methodology for developing the map can be found in the Mapping Digital Exclusion toolkit.

London Digital Exclusion Map

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