Supporting Dementia Care Toolkit
‘Tap & Chat’ Digital Befriending Kit

What is in the kit?

Tablet – this is a standard consumer tablet computer, such as an Apple iPad or Samsung Tablet, that has been configured to simplify the home screen and interactions and that has purpose-made wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen.

Zoom Tickets – these printed invitation cards with a QR code can be scanned with the Tap & Chat app (or other QR scanner apps) in order to join the Zoom video call The tickets replace email invitations, meeting codes and passwords.

Tap & Chat app in order to provide the simplest and most accessible experience possible, as well as contextspecific prompts, we made our own QR scanner app. Other QR scanner apps (and native camera apps) work with the Zoom Tickets but most have distractions, such as adverts and history features, that may cause confusion.

Tap & Chat Ticket Makerthis is an online app for making Zoom Tickets. The person organising the video call can use it to create and print tickets and give them to invitees by hand or post.

Tablet stand – this custom-designed cardboard stand for a tablet computer makes it easier to scan the Zoom Ticket (especially with shaky hands) and holds the tablet in a suitable position during the video call.

The Tap & Chat app and Ticket Maker are available online (Apple’s App Store pending) and can be used without the cardboard stand. 


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