How can I… onboard staff in hybrid workplaces?
Onboarding new staff

Why is this important?

Now that many employees are working in a hybrid way (split between remote and in-office working), organisations will have to change how they onboard new staff

It is important to get this right because remote working affects a number of elements that are key to onboarding and may have significant consequences for organisations. For example, research from MIT and Microsoft has shown that “weak connections” in organisations (those outside of someone’s immediate colleagues who they might meet through circumstance at the office) have fallen by the wayside. At the same time, staff are more productive if they have friends at work and enjoy the work environment. 

If organisations fail to onboard new employees effectively, the most serious immediate consequence might be an inability to retain them. This guide offers advice about how to onboard staff better in a hybrid work environment – within their team and within their organisation.

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