Social Tariffs Toolkit

What are broadband social tariffs?

Social tariffs provide home broadband to eligible households that struggle with affordability. These tariffs can be as low as £15 a month compared to an average of £32.69 a month on standard tariffs (average according to MoneySuperMarket). Ofcom’s 2022 analysis showed that the social tariffs on offer gave consumers a £7 – £27 saving a month against the providers’ standard pricing.

Common features of social tariffs

  • Offered voluntarily by broadband providers.
  • Eligibility criteria apply – typically available for households or individuals in receipt of certain state benefits.
  • No cap on the number of eligible customers that can benefit.
  • Unlimited length of access to the tariff while the person remains eligible and the tariff is available.
  • Fixed pricing for the period in which the service is used. This means that the price a customer is paying for their broadband will not change. 
  • Often no cost to install the broadband service.
  • Often no cancellation fees.
  • Some social tariffs do not require a credit check.
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