Social Tariffs Toolkit
Signposting residents to social tariffs

Communication tools

LOTI has developed a range of communications tools to help you promote social tariffs to your staff, residents and the community groups within your boroughs.

Key messages

  • Broadband social tariffs are typically lower priced home internet packages for people who receive certain state benefits.
  • Broadband social tariffs have some criteria and conditions that differ from standard broadband tariffs, including:
    • Only for households or individuals receiving certain state benefits
    • Available for use once sign-up is complete and as long as the user continues to qualify for it and the tariff is available
    • Set in price during the contract period
    • Free to install 
    • Usually no cancellation fees
  • Ofcom’s table of social tariffs is the most up-to-date list of social tariffs available but these are subject to changing at short notice.
  • Before choosing a social tariff, residents should consider which internet speed best suits their household size and what the internet will be used for
  • If the resident/household prefers to use mobile data, they may be able to access cheaper mobile packages. More detailed information can be found in this table

Suggested campaign resources

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