City Tools

Creating an evidence base of the technologies and contracts that power London's local public services to improve procurement and SME engagement.

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In November 2019, LOTI launched City Tools:London in partnership with Bloomberg Associates. City Tools sought to improve London local government’s approach to technology procurement by helping boroughs see which technologies and contracts power each of their services with a Power BI Dashboard and insights Report.

Having used the initial City Tools’ dataset to identify opportunities for boroughs to work together on procurement opportunities in a project led by Waltham Forest, LOTI has recently partnered with Nitrous and the GLA to build a more sophisticated and user-friendly platform that will also help SMEs better navigate boroughs’ technology tenders. That platform will be launched during London Tech Week in September 2020.



City Tools Dashboard

To show and share the technologies used in London’s local government services to allow boroughs to collaborate with one another and innovate in procurement.

Project Timeline


Thirty 3

LOTI in partnership with the Greater London Authority will be developing the City Tools platform. ‘Thirty 3’ will launch in September 2020.


City Tools platform development

User design workshop


Improving procurement in the public sector

Creating a common specification template for procuring Housing Services IT systems. Summary here.


City Tools: Northgate opportunity in Housing Services Workshop

See summary.


City Tools: Identifying future use cases workshop

See summary.


Project Planner

Setting out the aims and our desired outcome to create transparency about the technologies that currently underpin London’s local government services. We also explore what the change is that we wish to see as a result of the adoption of this tool.

City Tools Project Planner
December 2, 2019

Project Kick-off