Internet of Things (IoT)

Exploring how London boroughs can use smart street infrastructure for the benefit of all Londoners.

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IoT devices are being deployed in a growing number of public sector contexts. Yet as this is a rapidly evolving and relatively new area of innovation, London boroughs are seeking guidance on how to approach the use of IoT in smart street infrastructure where specific opportunities and challenges arise.

Key areas that need to be addressed include:

  1. Business Case and Effectiveness: How can boroughs make informed decisions about which (if any) IoT technologies can play a role in delivering their desired outcomes? How should this shape their engagement with the market?
  2. Interoperability of Data and Insights: Given that the data collected by smart street infrastructure often relates to issues that require a pan-London response, how can we ensure comparable data is available from across many boroughs to gain valuable insights for the whole of London?
  3. Ethics & Public Trust: How can we ensure that IoT data collection in public spaces is done for the benefit of citizens in a way that is transparent, ethical and engenders citizens’ trust and confidence?

There have been multiple pilots and studies carried out on these challenges already at an EU, national and city level, which have gone some way to addressing these challenges. However, navigating the findings from these sources is difficult and time-consuming. There is a need for this information to be curated and tested by London boroughs.

Beginning with a week-long intensive design sprint, this project aims to provide answers and guidance to borough commissioners.



Summary video: IoT Week

Exploring how London boroughs can use smart street infrastructure for the benefit of all Londoners.

LOTI/GLA IoT Framework

Exploring how London boroughs can use smart street infrastructure for the benefit of all Londoners.

Project Timeline


Video summarising IoT Week now available on YouTube. A full write up of the week is available on our Medium page.

#IoTWeek Friday presentation


Day 5 of IoT Week

At the end of the week, a public Show and Tell was held to share the best answers to each question. Feedback and next steps were delivered by the Chief Digital and Information Officers of our member boroughs.


Day 4 of IoT Week

Researchers were grouped together to develop prototypes to present back to the boroughs on the final day.

#IoT Week - Thursday Presentation
#IoT Week - Wednesday Presentation


Day 3 of IoT Week

The group of researchers from public, private and third sectors discussed the ideas proposed earlier in the week and captured the standout ideas and noted down the important objections. They were then invited to develop proposals against each idea and present these to the group for voting. The most popular ideas moved on to development.


Day 2 of IoT Week

The questions created on Monday were researched and curated by volunteers from local government, academia, and other institutions with expertise in this field.

#IoT Week - Tuesday Presentation
IoT Week - Master Slide Deck


Day 1 of IoT Week

Representatives from organisations involved in this field were invited to discuss London’s challenges and share their insights. The afternoon will focus on establishing a list of the key specific questions boroughs most wish to answer.


Project Planner

Setting out the plan for a sprint accelerator week to explore “How can boroughs use IoT-enabled smart street infrastructure for the benefit of all Londoners?”.

IoT Sprint Accelerator week - Planning

Project Kick-off