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How service design can support you in local government

22 May 2024

Katie and Anjali provide a few tools for local authorities to get started in bringing a service design mindset and skills to their organisations.

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Piloting co-operative care in London: the final quarter

22 April 2024

Luke Tanner from Equal Care Co-op shares his experience and work as they entered the final quarter of their Commons-based care pilot project.

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Tackling rent arrears with digital solutions in Wandsworth

22 April 2024

Could text messages provide a faster, more cost-effective follow-up method for rent arrears in a council? 

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Listening to resident perspectives on a proactive support offer in Barking and Dagenham

29 February 2024

Saumya Singhal, from Barking and Dagenham, discusses conducting qualitative research with residents to understand how they felt about the Council using data-driven approaches for prevention.

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Delivering Workshops: Finding the Right Balance

20 February 2024

Anjali discusses the design approaches of two workshops conducted by LOTI, in exploring their effectiveness, providing insights on when to use each, and offers practical materials.

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It’s time we had a local authority sandbox

13 January 2024

Eddie Copeland outlines why local government needs to try a different approach to testing radical new innovations.

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Piloting co-operative care in London: the journey so far

25 October 2023

Equal Care Co-op shares the latest in their LOTI funded pilot to create a co-operative care service in London. 

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Developing a professional linkage platform in Adult Social Care: Learnings from the design and prototyping phase

24 October 2023

Harry Angus from Social Finance share the latest in their LOTI funded project to develop a professional linkage platform.

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Maintain, Fix, Equip, Create or Involve. What scale of solution do YOU need?

24 October 2023

Understanding five levels of change that can help councils design the right type of solution to the challenges they face.


LOTI’s Service Innovation Cards

5 October 2023

LOTI’s Service Innovation Cards help teams think more creatively about how they can improve the services they offer.

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