Supporting Dementia Care Toolkit
Co-design phase


The prototype Digital Befriending Kit

Following the process of testing and iteration, a Digital Befriending Kit with the following features was created: 

Image of the iPad, the stand, the zoom ticket and the tap and chat app
  • We configured the iPads (hid or removed unnecessary apps) to make the user experience easier and simpler any essential apps (e.g. Zoom*, Safari, Settings) were moved to a second screen so just the Tap & Chat app was left on the home screen (*Zoom is launched directly from within the Tap & Chat app)
  • We created and loaded custom lock screens and home screens on the iPad that acted as visual prompts to help the user operate the device
iPad stand
  • A custom-made cardboard stand a) holds the iPad in position so the participant can sit in front of it for the call and b) holds the iPad and Zoom Ticket in position so the QR code on the ticket can be easily scanned

Bespoke QR scanner app (‘Tap & Chat’)

The iPads have a bespoke QR scanner app that is used to join a Zoom call by reading the QR code on a Zoom Ticket. The app has the following features: 

  • Called ‘Tap & Chat’ to help users understand what the app will enable them to do
  • Minimises the number of taps, steps and distractions while joining a Zoom call
  • Helps protects user’s privacy by having no history or adverts and retains no data
  • Verifies and warns users if the QR code is not a Zoom link 
  • Possibility in the future of encoding the Zoom invitations within the QR code to provide additional security and protection of users
Zoom Tickets
  • Participants were invited to calls by means of a Zoom Ticket – the analogy of a ticket was intended to help users understand it would grant them access to online calls
  • The ticket has a QR code on it which, when scanned by the Tap & Chat app, provides access to a Zoom call
Tap & Chat app
  • Zoom Tickets are created using the Tap & Chat Ticket Maker. The meeting/call host inputs a time and date, Zoom meeting link and a photo and a ticket is created that can be printed and distributed

Screenshot of the Tap & Chat Ticket Maker that enables organisers/hosts to create printed invitations for participants

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