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10 Reflections from Smart City Expo 2023 in Barcelona

8 December 2023

Jay from the LOTI team shares his 10 reflections from attending the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona.

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Showcasing London at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

22 November 2023

Highlights from LOTI’s first time at showcasing London at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona.

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Better Images of AI: An Important Discussion for Society

8 November 2023

Elo Esalomi, a Year 13 student from London, writes about her experiences of the Better Images of AI workshop run during London Data Week in Summer 2023.

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Smart City Use Case Library

2 November 2023

LOTI has pulled together this library of smart city use cases to help boroughs in London learn from each other.

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What can we learn from Sunderland’s Smart City?

24 October 2023

This month, Jay Saggar and Polly Kwok from the LOTI team, and a small group of borough officers took a trip up to Sunderland to learn about the city’s efforts to develop connectivity and deploy smart city use cases. The …


London’s smart city picture

23 October 2023

Learn more about the London boroughs and organisations that are actively involved in the Smart City space.

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LOTI’s view of London as a Smart City

3 October 2023

In this blog, Jay Saggar and Eddie Copeland share their thoughts on London as a smart city and what LOTI aims to do in this area.

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A new way of working – London Borough of Harrow’s Digital Twin

26 July 2023

London Borough of Harrow shares their experience of developing a digital twin to solve their Council’s business problems.

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A Smart City visit to Dublin and Belfast

28 June 2023

Eddie Copeland reflects on some of the key lessons learned from a recent visit to the smart city teams of Dublin and Belfast.

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What can London learn from South Korea’s smart cities?

26 April 2023

In March, I traveled to Seoul, South Korea to learn about the South Korean approach to ‘smart cities’ and to share London’s perspective and progress in this area.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Points Dashboard

4 June 2021

Creating a single view of London’s electric vehicle charge point network and its usage.

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Smarter London

17 February 2021

Exploring how London boroughs can use smart street infrastructure for the benefit of all Londoners.

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