Assistive Technology

Helping boroughs measure the impact and effectiveness of assistive technologies that help residents to live independently.

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This project aims to help London boroughs design and consistently evaluate pilots of assistive technologies (AT) to help residents live more independently. This will support public sector staff to make evidence-based decisions about the role and effectiveness of different ATs and the different service patterns that enable them to deliver results.

Our work on this project began by creating a guide to designing and evaluating AT projects. LOTI is now exploring the potential of Assistive Technologies to support boroughs’ Covid response by supporting isolated individuals to live more independently.



Assistive Technology Pilot Design & Evaluation Guide

A guide to help design and deliver Assistive Technology (AT) projects while applying a consistent methodology for evaluating results.

Assistive Technology Trial Results Template

Template for recording the results of assistive technology trials.

Research on use of Smart Water Bottles in Care Homes

Research on the use of smart water bottles to reduce levels of dehydration amongst care home residents.

Project Timeline


A summary of the workshops LOTI held on how to use Assistive Technology to help boroughs with their Covid Recovery, including key actions LOTI agreed to take forward.

AT for Covid Recovery

On the 21 and 23 September 2020, LOTI held two workshops that sought to explore systemic issues that prevent boroughs from using Assistive Technologies effectively and to identify specific actions we can take to resolve those issues.

View the raw notes from the discussion, here.


Here’s an overview of LOTI’s plans on AT for Covid Recovery.


Click below to find out more about LOTI’s plans on the use of AT for Covid recovery.



LOTI research summary of Assistive Technology evaluations

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Assistive Technology Workshop 1

Read the summary.

Assistive technology - Workshop slides


Project Planner

November 11, 2019

Project Kick-off