Supporting Dementia Care Toolkit
Designing the project


After our initial scoping workshop, we synthesised our learnings and developed three concepts to share and get feedback about:

  1. Connected Devices: A device library offering different options for people to try. Research question: How can we increase uptake of devices to enable digital connectivity?
  2. Tailored Technologies: Configuring generic devices based on the needs of people living with dementia. Research question: How can we support and configure devices to be tailored to individual need?
  3. Hybrid Communities: Developing community activities for online and in-person participation. Research question: How can we support community groups to carry out digital/ hybrid activities?
Describing the points of intervention, which are person living in isolation, what devices can they access (concept 1), what software can they access? (concept 2), how do they connect to communities? (Concept 3)

Points of intervention

The three concepts are connected devices, tailored technologies and hybrid communities

Our three concepts

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