Guide to Upcycling Retired Digital Devices
How to Run an Upcycling Scheme

Step 3: Collect and store the devices

Whether you source devices internally or from a donor organisation, you will need to consider where they will be stored whilst waiting to be transferred to your chosen upcycling service provider or directly to your beneficiaries.

Key considerations

  • Do we and/or the donor organisation require secure/tracked collection?
  • Do we and/or the donor organisation require the devices to be stored at a secure facility?
  • Does the upcycling service provider offer secure/tracked collection and storage at a secure facility?
  • Can data wiping be done in-house, either by our organisation or the donor organisation?

Top tips 

  • If your upcycling service provider is not local to your area, consider how this may increase delivery and collection costs and project timescales.
  • Understand your organisation’s and your donor organisation’s collection and storage requirements in advance.
  • Find out whether data wiping can be carried out in-house (your IT team should be able to advise) or by the donor organisation in order to reduce secure storage requirements.