Guide to Upcycling Retired Digital Devices
How to Run an Upcycling Scheme

Step 4: Choose an upcycling service provider

Upcycling service providers offer one or more of the services involved in the upcycling of digital devices, such as data wiping, device refurbishing and distribution to beneficiaries.

There is no shortage of these companies but it is important to make an informed decision about which one to work with based on your budget, the services you need and other specific requirements (e.g. levels of security). 

Key considerations

  • Where is the upcycling service provider based?
  • What services do they offer (e.g. data wiping, device upgrades, distribution)?
  • Will they be able to distribute devices in our local area?
  • Do they offer collection and drop-off services?
  • What volume of devices are they able to deal with?
  • How much do they cost?

Top tips

  • LOTI has prepared a list of almost 40 upcycling service providers that includes details of the services they provide, the costs they charge and the volumes they deal with. Please note that LOTI has not vetted the organisations on this list – it is simply intended as a helpful resource to speed up your own research.
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