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by superuser
25 June 2020

Digital, Data & Innovation Reference Model

Introduction LOTI wants to see a future where London’s public sector organisations can thrive in the digital era, achieving their best for their residents. The Covid experience has highlighted that…

Let’s finally fix data sharing in London

London boroughs have long recognised the pivotal role that data plays in identifying local needs, delivering better public services, improving policy-making, providing greater accountability and encouraging innovation. Given that so…

by Eddie Copeland
15 October 2020

Home Page

by superuser
24 June 2020

Personal reflections on a year of LOTI

On 15th July, LOTI celebrated its one year anniversary. You can find some highlights from our last 12 months in our annual report, summary video and new website. In this…

by Eddie Copeland
4 August 2020

LOTI: End-of-year note

2020 has been a truly extraordinary and demanding year for everyone working in local government, both personally and professionally. As the year draws to a close, we feel very proud…

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
21 December 2020

What’s LOTI working on?

Three months into our second year, the LOTI community is a hive of activity. Having recently laid out the three core pillars of our Year 2 Strategy, in this blog…

by Eddie Copeland
3 November 2020

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Introduction One of the Mayor of London’s key priorities is to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and improve Londons’ air quality. To support this and initiate local action, many…

Thirty3: Getting the data right for changing procurement

My journey onboarding boroughs to use LOTI’s new Thirty3 platform has shown that getting the basics right is hard for most boroughs but that in order to make the big…

by Jay Saggar
11 November 2020

Weeknote 6 of 2021

Successful bids for the Covid Innovation Fund In our last weeknote, we shared the final submissions for LOTI’s Covid Innovation Fund. Firstly, our huge thanks go to all the borough…

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
15 February 2021

Assistive Technologies (AT) for Covid Recovery

LOTI’s work in this space is focused on digital assistive technologies – devices, software or equipment that can support individuals to overcome a broad range of challenges. Over the past…

by Genta Hajri
14 October 2020

Weeknote 5 of 2021

Covid Innovation Fund Monday 1 February was the deadline for boroughs to submit their ideas to LOTI’s Covid Innovation Fund. Regular readers of our weeknotes will recall that LOTI is…

by Eddie Copeland
8 February 2021

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