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Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Introduction One of the Mayor of London’s key priorities is to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and improve Londons’ air quality. To support this and initiate local action, many…

Assistive Technologies (AT) for Covid Recovery

LOTI’s work in this space is focused on digital assistive technologies – devices, software or equipment that can support individuals to overcome a broad range of challenges. Over the past…

by Genta Hajri
14 October 2020

Innovation in Procurement

Introduction In its first year of operation, one of LOTI’s three work areas has focused on improving public sector’s technology procurement. As part of this, in November last year and…

Assistive Technology

Introduction This project aims to help London boroughs design and consistently evaluate pilots of assistive technologies (AT) to help residents live more independently. This will support public sector staff to…

Seamless Wifi

About this project This project sought to enable public sector staff and elected members to quickly and easily get online wherever in London’s public sector estate they may be working….

Covid Response: Sharing Free School Meals Data

Introduction At the start of the Covid pandemic, London boroughs had a huge task at hand: to identify and support residents most in need. Data was a key enabler of…

Weeknote 64

Like everyone in local government, the LOTI community’s activities last week were heavily dominated by Covid. Readers may recall from previous weeknotes that we have consciously chosen to focus our…

by Eddie Copeland
19 October 2020

LOTI: Weeknote 61

Assistive Technology Last week, as part of our work to support Covid Recovery efforts, we held two workshops to explore what systemic issues and barriers prevent London boroughs from using…

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
28 September 2020

Digital, Data & Innovation Reference Model

Introduction LOTI wants to see a future where London’s public sector organisations can thrive in the digital era, achieving their best for their residents. The Covid experience has highlighted that…

LOTI: Weeknote 56

Connecting with new members Last week, we welcomed Barnet, our newest member. We also met with Aruj Haider, the newly appointed Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Westminster. Aruj outlined areas…

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
24 August 2020

LOTI: Weeknote 58

Innovation in Procurement To further our work on improving innovation in technology procurement in boroughs, we’ll be launching the next iteration of the City Tools platform, which is called Thirty3….

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
7 September 2020

LOTI: Weeknote 54

Coronavirus Recovery We recognise that recovery from the coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity for London to reimagine its future. As boroughs work hard to sustain new ways of working, resume…

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
10 August 2020

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