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Weeknote 10 of 2021

Updating our members Last week we reconvened all our members for our usual monthly catch-up. We started the session by crowdsourcing ideas and help that boroughs asked for on some…

by Eddie Copeland
15 March 2021

What is it? A searchable database (see in tile view or spreadsheet view) of 28 international case studies on digital inclusion initiatives. Each case study includes the following fields: Summary;…

What digital inclusion activities are currently underway in London?

The London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) invites organisations to share details about initiatives, projects and programmes of work they have undertaken, or are currently undertaking, to support digitally…

by Genta Hajri
26 March 2021

How local gov Chief Execs can help their organisations use data effectively

Gavin Jones, Chief Executive of Essex County Council, recently posted this tweet: It was great to see, for the exact reasons that Dominic Campbell pointed out: It’s been…

by Eddie Copeland

Weeknote 12 of 2021

Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme – tell us about your work! Last week we were pleased to finish off putting together initial details of our upcoming Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme, part…

by Eddie Copeland
29 March 2021

Weeknote 13 of 2021

Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme – tell us about your work! As part of our Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme, which falls under the London Recovery Board’s Digital Access for All Mission,…

by Eddie Copeland
6 April 2021

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